How it works

Are my thoughts and information safe?2021-10-06T10:42:44+13:00

Your plan and details are safely stored on our website, see our Privacy Policy for more details. Each user and plan is associated with one email address and password. We advise you not to enter in any financial information such as passwords, hints, pin numbers or sensitive information. We also advise you not to

Who can create a My Final Sleep Plan?2021-10-06T10:25:53+13:00

Anyone! Whether you are a 13 year old or a 83 year old … some day you are going to take your Final Sleep. Each plan needs an email associated with it, so as long as you have this or can use another email address, you can create a My Final Sleep Plan.

How long does it take to create My Final Sleep Plan?2021-10-06T10:29:53+13:00

It depends on the person and if they have thought much about planning for their Final Sleep or not. We have seen someone create their plan in less than 10 minutes, whilst others can take over a month to complete it as they add thoughts to it over the course of the month.


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